I Can't Knit Socks

Fairly new to knitting, the ever popular knitted sock continues to frustrate and confuse me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Its not a sock . . .

Its a baby bootie! The pattern is from one of the recent knitting magazines (I am horrible, but I can't find it right now to tell you which one, but when I do, I will edit this post). I friend of mine is having a baby and I wanted to find something cute to knit and this was perfect. It took me three tries to get it just right. I didn't knit a gage swatch - the project itself was smaller than the gage swatch would be. The first time I made a mistake and used size 8 needles that the Cannon Simply Soft called for instead of the size 6 needles that the pattern called for. It turned out huge. Sorry, no picture of the first one.

The Second one I used the right sized needles, still with the Cannon Simply Soft yarn, got gage and still the thing was big. More like the right size for a toddler. The pattern didn't specify what size it would turn out to be, so I don't think that it was meant to be a baby bootie. I wasn't about to give up. I bought some "crochet yarn" from Walmart which is more of a fingering weight yarn and used size 5 needles and came of with the final project. I love it. Its really easy to knit but I would suggest doing it on circular needles. The straight needles stretch the stitches too much.

I wasn't able to crochet the strap like the pattern called for. I'm just learning to crochet and it wasn't looking good at all. I ended up just braiding it.

I was just about to cast on for the second bootie when I found out that she is having a boy. UGH! I still plan on knitting the second one and giving them as a gift to someone else. As for now, I am knitting a green and blue baby sweater :)


yarnprincess said...

I love the baby booties (in whatever size). In fact I'm thinking that with the mary-jane look, they would be really cute for my 17, 13, 10, and 7 year old cousins, if they could be made bigger.

You had asked about the sweater I made for my mom:

The pattern is from Knitting Nation (www.knittingnation.com) in Nyack, NY. The designer is Marcia Cleary of Knittingbag.com. I'm not sure if you can purchase the pattern directly from her, but I am sure you could purchase it from the lovely ladies at Knitting Nation! It was a very easy and wonderful pattern.

Happy knitting! (oh, and I can't make socks, either. I tried once, and I got all the way down to the heel and then I had no idea what to do... It's a goal for after the end of July!)

Jofrog said...

That is a super cute bootie. Definitely make number 2 and give them to a little girl!