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Fairly new to knitting, the ever popular knitted sock continues to frustrate and confuse me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A baby sweater

Remember the baby bootie I started for a friend whom I though was having a girl and turned out she was having a boy? Well, here is the replacement sweater. I'm happy with the finished product, for the most part, but I am still having trouble with seeming. The seams are too thick. Any suggestions for a flatter job? The pattern is pint size pullover from Total Baby Knits by Candi Jensen. Definately an easy pattern for a beginner. Knit in garter stitch the entire time. The yarn is Berocco Baby Softee Stripes. I think I used size 8 needles, which the yarn called for and I got guage, but I think it would have knit up better on a smaller needle. I would definately knit this pattern again. A great, quick knit.

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Catherine said...

Hi! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I can't e-mail back because it won't show your address. In my Maui pictures I am knitting my shawl of course. Otherwise there would be no progress on it at all!