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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ron's Blanket Square Swap

I'm participating in a square swap at Ravelry. Our goal is to make a blanket like Ron Weasley has in the Harry Potter series. The original due date has already past, but luckily, everyone agreen to extend it to the end of the month.
I have four squares made of this Noro Kureyon. Its a 1x1 rib on #7 circulars. 44 stitches across. For some reason, it has taken me forever to get these squares done.
I switched to Pattons Classic Wool Merino and a simple stockinette knit. I like the tweed because it reminds me of the Weasley Sweaters. These are 32 stitches across and I am able to get them done a lot quicker. I am completing my 5th one of these. Just one more to go and I am done (for a total of 10). Here they are pre blocking.

Blocking . . .

Post blocking. I really like how these are turning out. Simple, but pretty. I can't wait to see the squares that I will be swapping these with.

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Catherine said...

Glad you liked my Home Improvement post! I hope there is more to come. The light blocking shades don't really protect from cold or anything - just from peeping neighbors. ;-)

Also you had asked awhile back what I was going to make with my Mirasol Hacho yarn. It is destined to be a top... some day!

How are those squares coming along?